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Big-budget live-action remakes of anime and manga are tricky business. One one hand, you’ve got to please the fans, who you know will be sitting in the theater with pen and paper scrutinizing every scene. But you also have to make money, which often means watering down the source material to make it digestible for regular movie-goers. As a result, live-action remakes are usually denounced by fans (and critics), but still manage to turn a profit in the box office.

This is why we love DragonBall Z: Saiyan Saga, a live-action non-profit Dragon Ball Z trailer made by fans not because they want to make a buck, but because they love the series so damn much.

The 5 minute 44 second trailer was finally released on YouTube yesterday after months of production, and looks absolutely amazing. Check it out below!

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Future in my hands

I’ve been living with some friends for a little over two months now and I’m grateful I got a place to stay. I can’t help but notice I’m getting frustrated easily lately, I think it’s because I’m not ready to listen to babies cry all the time or how annoyed I get with my roommate. He’s an ass of a husband and an ignorant father. I’d like to put my two cents in sometimes but I’d rather not even spark up a conversation with him if I can help it. So my only plan right now is to get a car and a new apartment as soon as possible.
Just started my job so I’ll be splitting the rent around here while I’m here, I still get enough money to save up I on a decent car. I think I want to focus on taking care of my body again no later than a week and a half from now. There is a gym about three miles away I can either jog to our ride three bus. I can burn my 800 calories a day there after work and then I can start buying myself some fish veggies and bottled water to start living healthier.
Once I’m back on my feet and settled I want to go back to school by the summer time, and get my associates in architecture and transfer to utsa already.
Also the only thing I’ve ever wanted to learn most is karate so I don’t care where life takes me after this but I’ll be happy once I start studying martial arts.
Nothing is going on in with the ladies cause I’m a bum right now obviously so I ain’t even gonna holler at anyone. Besides there is already someone I’ve had in mind for about two years now and looks like I’ve taken too long to do anything about it. Anyways right now I really want to break something so I think I’m gonna meet up with some military friends to see if I can freeload off them and go to a firing range.