Pineapple origins


Many people call me by my nickname Pineapple and I have no problem with it if they use it or change it up a bit. One of the things that gets old is explaining where the name cane from or why I get called that and I meet a lot of people all the time and run into people I already know everywhere I go so the whole nickname explanation comes up.
Anyways I though I blogged this six years ago on my Myspace account but no one uses that piece of crap anymore so I guess I should update it.
The year was 2001 and I participated in just about everything I could in ROTC since it was my favorite class. We had spirit week coming up and we wore our uniforms every Wednesday but the 1st sergeant told us that if we dressed up in Hawaiian clothes since that Wednesday was Hawaiian day for spirit week then he’d count it as wearing the uniform for that day. I had some old shirts that I never wanted to take to school that I figured what’s the worst that could happen.
Well back in those days I was rocking out with liberty spikes as my hairstyle and since I want really in uniform I had my hair up with Hawaiian attire. My school colors were blue and our rivals were green so my friends and I painted our hair green to get under the Jocks skin. For the most part we were successful but when it cane time to go to ROTC I just walked into what was the BIGGEST BUTT FUCKING of a shit talk from any teacher or instructor.
In ROTC we get off our seats and stand at attention then sound off with “here __rank of inductor__” then sit back down when they call row. Before I could sit back down my 1st sergeant just had to pick on me for a but said I looked like a pineapple then said he was going to call me Pineapple from now on.
It didn’t bother me one bit since there was plenty of the older cadets with nicknames I just figured it would’ve taken longer than three or four months before getting one.
At first my squad started to call me by three nickname then it spread to my platoon and company which is just the size of a classroom.
By the time the week was over the entire ROTC and my BC battalion commander knew who I was. It stuck with just the ROTC until people started talking then it spread like a virus.
It stuck and even middle school kids knew of me but didn’t know who I was. I volunteered to help welcome the new freshman my sophomore year and some cute freshman were talking to me asking questions about me not knowing they were getting the answers they wanted directly from the person they were asking about.
So it turned out to be better this way cause my graduating class had like 6+ Mikes and Michaels anyways, we have a Popkorn, psycho Michael, table, big Mike, presidente (in Spanish) and idk the others they obviously didn’t graduate.
I embrace the “why do they call you Pineapple?” Now I reply with things such as “wouldn’t you like to know” with a winky face, “come with me and you’ll find out” or “I’m Hawaiian”
They all get a positive reaction so far, but as you have just read its pretty boring how I got it. Now stop fucking asking!


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