Silent Hill Revelation 3D

So obviously almost everyone is looking for something scary or thrilling during October to get the best out of the Halloween festivities. The most common easy most disappointing way is to watch a horror flick, especially one that based on a game. Now originally I tend to give the films a chance while I’m watching cause I’m an adult now and let’s face it unless an Asian ghost that you can’t get rid of crawling out of an addict door is coming at me in 3D then I most likely won’t cry myself to sleep.
So I went to the City Base Cinema that’s a short walk away everything is new and still smells new, so no sticky floors. The flick I went to watch was the sequel to Silent Hill, which was successful in making me paranoid for a week if I was alone or in the dark, Silent Hill Revelation didn’t even have me looking over my shoulder. If you like to put yourself in the shoes of the victims while watching a horror film to get that feeling of what they may be experiencing, you’re quiet when they have to be quiet, you get ready to stop yourself from flinching because the monster or killer hadn’t had any camera time just because of how scary the unknown is, well I only felt the loneliness the world of Silent Hill is known for in it’s previous film and is a legend for amongst games which it

originated from. The actress was the thing that made my “Fear Boner” go away, I wasn’t feeling the fear. Usually when everything looks like it’s just gone to hell a person would assume that they would need themselves a good cry, run away from shit that may sound like a monster is hiding in the dark. I felt that there was no connection towards the audience, three actress didn’t looked scared of anything which would have to be made up with excessive story telling and expensive shitty CGI. The fact that I watched it in 3D didn’t help, very few of the scenes looked good and only two of the scenes in the entire movie made me appreciate the details of how scary manikins still are to me. The world of Silent Hill is still creepy as ever but it lacked the most important element a horror film needs making glad you’re just in a movie theater and not the person that’s in danger and it didn’t deliver.