Summer movies as of today

The summer is very important to bring your a game on the big screen, especially for super heroes and A star celebrities. I’ve been trying to keep up with the titles I think are going to be blockbuster hits and trying to compare my thoughts with my brother and my friend Ryan because we got similar taste but we’re also critical of movies.

First I want to mention I consider the summer movies to start on “finals week” from college to start the summer movies all the way till labor day.

First topic is super heroes, they’ve been a great blockbuster hit since the first “x-men” over ten years ago, I’d like to thank David Hayter for being a part of the production of the first two films for making them so great, and have since been making movies revolving the wolverine. I know I’m going to enjoy the new installment of this story but 20th century fox is slacking on that silver samurai costume I saw in the preview. wolverine has been a worlds favorite underdog and even has beaten Superman or “the man of steel” in the films  comics even fan arguments. I have to say I’m glad they made a superman movie that didn’t suck, I think it was great but the movie honestly made me mad how stupid, weak and pathetic it made humankind and the military look. Sure Thor (the God of thunder and price of Asgard, for those who don’t know) has mentioned how fragile humans are but recognizes how much spirit and warrior pride is in a persons character and that shows “respect” while on the other hand the man of steel just fell and flew through buildings like the tax payers money didn’t matter and as if the amount of casualties didn’t matter as long as the earth was safe. WWGD? that means what would Goku do? this comparison is accurate, both characters are aliens sent to earth as the last of their race and meant to destroy earth but ended making it their home. Goku didn’t hesitate to pick earth over his race, family nor who he was for the life he has grown to love, he would have taken any threat to earth to a isolated place and whooped some ass. superman on the other hand is just plain superstupid.
I want yo mention Ironman 3 but I can only say it was a great comedy and the kick ass 2 film looks promising, hopefully much better than the man of steel.

Next I need to mention are big cast movies, this means the furious 6, star trek into darkness and this is the end. The furious 6 is the latest installment just before the storyline loops back to movie 3 timeline “fast and the furious Tokyo drift” which was to me a very fun movie to watch because unlike the last two there was some street racing, half naked ladies and lots of explosions and recon involved. There was a lot of cheesy jokes but it made the movie work and the “you will drive fast after the movie” thing is true even if you don’t catch yourself doing it.

Star trek into darkness was great buy unfortunately they weren’t as successful as I would have liked for them to be, the villain of this sequel wasn’t revealed at all. Some fans could guess others didn’t care and just went to go watch it for the sake of being a trekkie (this is was a derogatory word used by star wars fans until they started using it) show up in costume and speak Klingon. No one can tell who the villain is just by watching the trailers because no name is mentioned and the story has been rebooted so no one exactly looks like the “original” characters, otherwise this movie would have been more anticipated and more exciting for movie goers.

THIS IS THE END! This is a must watch movie, it’s not intended for all audiences that’s for sure but if you liked any oh the following: superbad, pineapple express, 21 jump street, freaks and geeks, funny people, I love you man, green hornet and so on this movie will have you laughing from beginning to end. I literally almost blacked out because of Jonah Hill’s lasts scenes. Pretty much it’s the rapture and a funny Seth Rogan twisted way and if you don’t find demons or rape jokes funny then go stay under your rock.

WORLD WAR Z, just saw this as well. This movie impressed me, I expected your typical zombie movie like the ones that have been made since resident evil made zombies way more popular. This movie has enough zombies to want you to keep quite because these zombies are very sensitive to sound. Three fact the Brad Pitt looks like Thor now just throws me off sometimes but he actually did pretty good as a ex-UN agent. His job was to investigate war crimes and such so if chemical warfare was sniffed out by the UN and they happen to stop an organization Brad Pitt’s character was the guy who got the evidence or the info needed to make a solution. I like movies where stealth and intelligence is involved.

Over all this summer has been great, I try to avoid bad movies so I’ll give everyone a heads up in case you don’t already know, after earth and the purge aren’t that great. I think fast 6 is going to be the best movie if kick ass 2 doesn’t smash their nuts.

All in all the summer movies have been great movies I’m looking forward to are Pacific rim, the heat, elysium, the lone ranger, kick ass two and of course wolverine.


Love for zombies?

Since I’ve been living in the south side of town of San Antonio I go to the cinema more often, almost every Friday to be exact. If I’m not watching a movie at the theater I’ll rent a flick from the red box with my roommates. I’ve seen a variety of films this fall/winter from horror to action to comedies to bromances.
I’ve enjoyed films like VHS, the paranormal activity sequels, MIB3, the new lord of the rings film and many more. They were all good in their own way and some satisfied my taste for either violence or rude humor. Today I just wanted to point out that when people say Hollywood has ran out of ideas because of all the remakes and the decade late sequels or just putting out old films in 3D.
I wanna point out that some of the most recent films I’ve seen this week have been some of the most original flicks I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The first on the list is Django, it may be too racist for some to handle but I mean Tarento brought out the realism of how it was during the slave tone in the south and he did not hold back in the use of the N word stirring the audience’s feelings towards the words impact and how casually it was used.
The next movie I’ve been wanting to watch since it came out was Looper, I’m a huge Bruce Willis fan and I’ve always thought Joseph Gordon Levitt was awesome since third rock grim the sun back on the 90’s. This film had a very interesting plot and at first it was predictable but then shit got real towards the end and completely mind fucked me.
I just got done watching Warm Bodies, I’m trying to write this blog and enjoy my beer at the bar next to the Alamo Draft House and my friends think I’m tweeting and are making lose track of my thoughts. Its kinda working but thus movie is a must watch flick, the movie is very funny and has plenty of awkward moments that just about anyone can relate to. I’ve seen lots of zombie movies in my short 25 years of life prolly all of the good ones and I usually stop or walk away from the bad ones. This movie has lots of humor, plenty of romance and very minimal on the action so you won’t see too much of the same old crap like a five minute shoot out on unarmed enemies. The movie is also very sad in the beginning makes you feel lonely and what it would be like too see in the life of a living dead person.
Well that’s all I can say cause my phones about to get taken away.



Big-budget live-action remakes of anime and manga are tricky business. One one hand, you’ve got to please the fans, who you know will be sitting in the theater with pen and paper scrutinizing every scene. But you also have to make money, which often means watering down the source material to make it digestible for regular movie-goers. As a result, live-action remakes are usually denounced by fans (and critics), but still manage to turn a profit in the box office.

This is why we love DragonBall Z: Saiyan Saga, a live-action non-profit Dragon Ball Z trailer made by fans not because they want to make a buck, but because they love the series so damn much.

The 5 minute 44 second trailer was finally released on YouTube yesterday after months of production, and looks absolutely amazing. Check it out below!

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Future in my hands

I’ve been living with some friends for a little over two months now and I’m grateful I got a place to stay. I can’t help but notice I’m getting frustrated easily lately, I think it’s because I’m not ready to listen to babies cry all the time or how annoyed I get with my roommate. He’s an ass of a husband and an ignorant father. I’d like to put my two cents in sometimes but I’d rather not even spark up a conversation with him if I can help it. So my only plan right now is to get a car and a new apartment as soon as possible.
Just started my job so I’ll be splitting the rent around here while I’m here, I still get enough money to save up I on a decent car. I think I want to focus on taking care of my body again no later than a week and a half from now. There is a gym about three miles away I can either jog to our ride three bus. I can burn my 800 calories a day there after work and then I can start buying myself some fish veggies and bottled water to start living healthier.
Once I’m back on my feet and settled I want to go back to school by the summer time, and get my associates in architecture and transfer to utsa already.
Also the only thing I’ve ever wanted to learn most is karate so I don’t care where life takes me after this but I’ll be happy once I start studying martial arts.
Nothing is going on in with the ladies cause I’m a bum right now obviously so I ain’t even gonna holler at anyone. Besides there is already someone I’ve had in mind for about two years now and looks like I’ve taken too long to do anything about it. Anyways right now I really want to break something so I think I’m gonna meet up with some military friends to see if I can freeload off them and go to a firing range.